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Some New Movie News from Kristin!


Howdy! I posted MOVIE NEWS a couple weekends ago, but I know some of you didn’t see it. Reposting it now! P.C. Cast and I have read the outline of the screenplay for the first movie, (we have a contract with Davis Films for five movies). Mom and I love that our producer, Samuel Hadida, is taking his time and getting it right rather than just rushing into production. That’s all I can tell you about it right now.

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Do you feel the feelllsssss oh my goddess


Meghan Ory for Zoey Redbird ?  

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Mia Mccormick for Stevie Rae ? 

Oh I thought this was selena gomez photoshopped with blonde hair O

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-Zoey Redbird, House of Night

This is so sad… :(

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This is awesome, from sgiach.

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